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Celli - Wedding Photographer in Rome

Via Ludovico De Filippi, 33
00122, Lido di Roma
Tel. +39 06 5684712

Celli Fotografi Studios is considered one of the top agencies in the city of Rome for photographic and visual services related to weddings. It has provided excellent services throughout its 30 years in existence. Celli Photo Studios provides an elegant and unique style for each wedding celebration by capturing unforgettable emotions and moments on the most wonderful day of your life.

We create elegant, romantic and intimate atmospheres through light design and special effects by using video new technologies. You will continue to experience the magic atmosphere of your wedding day again and again through the artistic details of each photograph. Celli Fotografi Studios has direct access to a large number of wedding sites and can serve any photographic need Nationwide.

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SHOWREEL, Evolution, haestetics and professionality

The studio Celli has always followed the ultimate technological evolutions to keep updating the quality of the wedding services and to ensure video and photo products of the ceremony that will delight our brides and grooms.
Celli Fotografi can customize the photo and video services by using advanced technological tools and by choosing the perfect photographer for your wedding in Rome.
These 3D animations are an example of quality of post-production in wedding photography.

Celli Fotografi will give you the chance to customize your wedding service by using specific tools to develop the imaging techniques, and by choosing the perfect photographer for your needs.

We continously upgrade our tools in the effort to ensure top quality to our services, our editing procedures exploit the best technology available on the market.